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Fairic Stone 1800x2700A YA Fantasy by C. R. Sedore Now Available

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Fairic is a planet similar to our own. The biggest difference besides its two moons is that the ecosystem thrives on elemental energy. Fairic is inhabited by mortals and spell wielders. Four races of wielders are blessed with elemental power that keeps the ecosystem thriving. Fire wielders are cast out because they are infected with a virus that turns them into demons called Ashards. Now the planet has a dying ecosystem with the lack of an element. Then there are Ashards burning and killing everything in sight. The planet is in immediate doom unless someone can find a cure.

Cora is one of the last fire wielders because she was born during the breakout. She is feared by most at the tender age of 16. She is a contagious time bomb waiting to infect and destroy. She is forced through tragedies and curiosity to embark on a journey. Cora and her best friend Odessa set out to find a cure but it will come at a price neither of them expected.

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