The Dreams Serve as a Warning

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00072]The Dreams Serve as a Warning.... The Dreams are Just the Beginning....
Check out this new Spine Chilling Science Fiction Apocalyptic Horror, The Reaping by Robert Grayson
Available 10/12/2015, just in time for Halloween

The dreams serve as a warning—the terrifying images of a burning world of fire and brimstone, the grotesque creatures eating human flesh, rivers of blood streaming across the land. They warn of the impending arrival of an ancient being, an entity that considers itself a god, an entity of pure evil, an architect of destruction, a god that annihilated the very race that worshiped it for no other reason than it could. It now has its eyes set on Earth as the perfect place to recreate its flock. Yet to reap Earth’s potential, humanity must first be destroyed.

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