If You Just Ignore Them They’ll Go Away…Or Will They?

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00073]If You Just Ignore Them They'll Go Away...Or Will They?

Mary Catherine has always been able to see spirits, now her son can hear them too. Is it a gift or a curse, you decide.

Available 10/12/2015, just in time for Halloween, book 2 of the Something in the Dark Series by Nancy Young, Hearing Things. Available at your favorite bookstore.

Mary Catherine Livingston knew that working for the Paranormal Posse reality series wouldn’t be easy. But apart from the threatening spirits and unwanted publicity, she also has to deal with her son’s newfound ability to hear ghosts, her ex-husband’s attempts to reconcile by Christmas, and with Tony, the show’s sexy tech support, who pushes all her buttons.

Tony is definitely one pushy guy, especially if Mary Catherine’s welfare or the show’s profits are at stake. When her son discovers the ghost of a murdered child at an abandoned rest stop, complications multiply. Tony then pushes Mary Catherine to let him offer more than just his technical support.

Will the spirit move her to take a second chance on love in time for the new year?

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