Do You Recognize the 3 Early Warning Signs of The Pruning?

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00068]Do You Recognize the 3 Early Warning Signs of The Pruning?
Check out this new apocalyptic thriller by Steven Spellman.... The warning signs weren't enough....

Available 10/12/2015 at Your Favorite Bookstore!

n the small quite North Carolinian town of Newfield, strange things begin to happen. A greed driven bank official is burned alive by what appears to be the first documented case of spontaneous combustion. A selfish employee is literally pulled into himself by a mysterious force. A promiscuous woman is lifted in the air by unseen hands in front of a shocked crowd and bent backward until she snaps like a dry twig.

Meanwhile, Leslie Colbert, a young woman with a puzzling past and a scandalous habit of constantly wearing wigs and long sleeves shirts despite the heat—what could she be hiding, everyone soon wants to know—is trying desperately just to stage a fresh start in this small North Carolina town. Leslie eventually lands a promising job at a local bank branch. Things are looking up for Leslie. But when more and more people begin suffering impossible demises, the town’s people begin to grow suspicious of the newcomer with something to hide. Befriended only by a fellow bank employee, Leslie finds herself dragged into a spiral of chaos of literally Biblical proportions as the truth of the phenomenon that is “The Pruning” unfolds. Before it is over, the entire town—the entire world—will be familiar with the phenomenon.


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